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Our team is dedicated to fighting for your rights and is both capable and prepared to get you the best results possible. We defend and fight for you with passion, with experience and expertise, and with purpose to persevere for whatever you and your loved ones are facing. We understand our clients’ cases and fight for a fair trial and the best results.

In addition, our team has the qualified certification to accept death penalty cases. This certification is a special distinction in the practice of criminal defense; very few criminal defense attorneys are permitted by Pennsylvania courts to try death penalty cases. Lawyers must complete a number of hours of relevant continuing education, training, and real-life courtroom experience handling murder cases – Comerford Law is certified and experienced to fight for you and your loved ones against the ultimate penalty.

Regardless of the legal situation you find yourself in, Comerford Law is equipped to secure the best results for you. Trust us to be your advocates, bringing not only unparalleled passion and experience but also a commitment to excellence that transcends the courtroom.

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